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Environmental Policy

Green Commitment
AVERTRONICS long green uphold the quality policy "green energy", and regard themselves as a corporate citizen, more force when his own contribution to the mitigation of global warming speeds. Therefore, we are always working to improve product development efficiency and energy-saving green products, internal staff to implement the education green life management. Ying-Taichung plant is one of the most green building index of domestic sense, clear water taken concrete form, consumes minimal resources of the earth, both the ecology, energy conservation, waste reduction, healthy new era of green building, and Ying-Taichung plant is a 2003 Taiwan green building winning entries.

Ying-long green requirements for quality policies and promote unwavering spare, by all suppliers who must Ying-green multi-standard tests, including halogen-free policy, GPMS green product management system verification, ROHS directive norms.

We adhere to the goal of "business continuity "sustainable operations", realize the responsibility to the society profoundly, so we set up environmental administrative system, and promise the following rules :
1. Abide by environmental protection laws and regulations and implement pollution prevention.      
2. Prevent environmental hazards and ensure environmental safety.       
3. Improve environmental quality and continuous environmental improvement.
4. Produce green products and stick to green commitments.