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Brand Story

Chairman Mr. Lai Peng Yuan was former employee of Chang Hwa Bank in Fengyuan sector, as his friend’s  company needs a ceiling fan wiring supplier, therefore , Mr. Lai decided to devote in wiring assembly , though hard work in the binging , with family support, he overcome the hardships and built Ying_Hing Industrial company.
Early days, Mr Lai, chairman of the standing handle source will have stars stick forward heart, and with "sincerity, the letter" others, from the initial ceiling fan wiring services, transition to electronic components distributors, re-amplified line set of value added services, in 2006 the broader strokes of the professional personnel, set up R & D team.

Establish its own brand products ─ EverSmiling and AVIN , to enable the development of Everlasting have, in the course of development of the company, the company gradually introduced into the system the relevant international ISO certification, the patent also made in terms of quality, safety and industrial products and certification; after the second transition, in early 2005, the growth of "AVERTRONICS INC."

Twenty years, with the rapid economic growth of the three places, Ying-service company in good faith, seek truth from facts, scientific way of doing things, the cost of real first, make all-out business philosophy to achieve every goal we promised. In the future, will uphold the integrity, innovation, discipline, execution of core values, on the one hand continue to take root down, cultivate every Ying-people have such values, on the other hand more shares by employees of this centripetal force, the Ying-business success to the diversification and grow together with customers, creating value mutual trust and benefit.
Ying-company growth and development of ideas, just the "lotus banana flower" florid ─ permanent, solid future, coincide, so corporate logo changed to Lotus banana flower is the body, and take the company name "Ying", "Xing "the shape of the word, meaning a combination of, for later green, red, gold, white as the main color and four-color development.
Green circle
Reflect the Company's "Hing" word meaning, representing Ying-full of vigor and vitality and commitment to customers with good service and permanent, but also reflects the importance Ying-becoming "the humanities", "green" and "natural" expectations of green enterprises.
AVERTRONICS inherent symbolism is not out of passion and enthusiasm.


White humanoid
Presented and people-oriented, customer-focused business philosophy.
Gold bullions
On behalf of Ying-wealth between electronic and customers work together to create a more symbolic AVERTRONICS expect to establish long-term business partnership with customers in good faith.

AVERTRONICS inherent symbolism is not out of passion and enthusiasm.

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