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  • 100% Taiwan designed and supported
  • Solar Powered – operates indefinitely on an internal solar charged battery
  • Small Compact Trailer – easily transportable
  • Minimal Maintenance Required (only battery replacement every 5000 cycles)
  • Wireless motion detector to capture people and vehicle movement


  • Portable Solar Powered security monitoring of valuable assets
  • Multiple anti – theft devices to prevent vandalism
  • Images are sent immediately to a Map based web page for multiple access monitoring
  • Mobile access to images using mobile phones or tablets
  • Full Control and configuration of the camera via SMS commands
  • Actively monitor a designated area from Machinery Yards, Construction Sites, access roads and valuable infrastructure
  • Control Camera remotely with state of the art dashboard software from any device with internet access


  • Completely wire free
  • Cost effective solution for security and safety monitoring
  • User has full control of the camera and software to run it
  • Easy transportable trailer
  • One camera can cover big area
  • High resolution images
  • For outdoor using, construction, mining, transport yards, machinery yards and general infrastructure