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What is the super charger?  2020-12-15

What is the super charger?

GaN can be operated at high temperatures and voltages which is a key consideration for power-management applications such as inverter of solar power generator and renewable energy storage systems. For the past years, GaN products have been used to efficiently power a wide range of communications and industrial designs, achieving new levels of power density and efficiency with each product launch.

Why Is Gallium Nitride Superior to Silicon?

  • High bandgap : Gallium nitride has a 3.4 eV bandgap, compared to silicon’s 1.12 eV bandgap. A higher bandgap efficiency means the current can pass through a GaN chip faster than a silicon one. Gallium nitride can sustain higher voltages and higher temperatures than silicon.

  • High frequency : GaN is capable of conducting electrons 1,000 times more efficiently than silicon and with lower manufacturing costs, to boot.

  • Small : GaN device is much smaller than silicon.

The Coming Future

  • GaN enables overcoming the limitations seen with the use of Si devices

  • A three level neutral-point active-clamped inverter enables the use of commercially available 650 V GaN devices when operating with energy storage devices around 1000 V

  • GaN allows the use of faster switching frequencies – greatly reducing the cost and size of the converter while maintaining high efficiency

  • The designers would have to pay great attention to gate driver design and thermal design

  • GaN devices enable the development of faster and smaller energy conversion devices